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AdVANture Hunter - Hunting For Adventure

ADVANTURE HUNTER is a new, action- packed television series that unveils the nomadic & sustainable lifestyle of hunting, fishing, and heart stopping experiences all while living & traveling in ruggedly kitted out Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

Follow Jim and Brandon as they chronicle the splendor and beauty of our natural world. Jaw- dropping footage is captured from California’s “Big Surf” coastline, to the snow capped peaks of Montana, and into the deep colorful coral reefs of the Hawaiian Islands.

The first season takes viewers on a journey into the realms of big wave surfing, hiking dangerous avalanche-prone backcountry, and spearing in shark infested oceans.

Alongside Jim and Brandon, viewers will be taught amazing recipes by world famous celebrities, wild game chefs, and more. The men will be joined by celebrities and icons such as Chris Burkard, Shane Dorian, & Manny Puig on the search for unforgettable experiences.

Join Jim and Brandon as they live and breathe for the next AdVANture. Traveling in converted vans, both men advocate sustainability, and share the untold stories from every walk of life.

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Shot on this on the new iPhone 13 pro max. Kodiak Island is a place as wild as any place we’ve ever stepped foot. Brown bears rule this kingdom and are apex predator #1. All of us were able to all take great Blacktail bucks. More to come on this adventure of a lifetime! #kodiak ...

Spent a week chasing Blacktail deer on Kodiak Island with some amazing souls. One of which was my youngest son @bkinz13 who is helping film a new series called the @overlandchroniclestv Huge shout out to @akderek & @rubemayflower for taking such good care of us! 📸 by @directedbydrew ...

Hanging on Kodiak Island with my good friend @akderek and @rubemayflower and the whole team from the @overlandchroniclestv … stayed tuned everyone. 🦌⛰⛴ ...

Headed to Kodiak Island to meet up with our good friend @akderek Blacktail deer will be on the menu along with some Sea Ducks. I’ll be a special guest on the new series called the @overlandchroniclestv with Scott and Cheyenne. The AdVANture is about to begin… stay tuned 🚐💥💥💥#iamsportsman ...

Incredible piece produced by @atactifullife and edited by @frame4steve #GetaBFR~ Posted @withregram • @biggestfinestrevolver Twenty Years of Excellence!!!

Pillager, MN: For 20 years the Magnum Research BFR has represented the finest quality single-action revolver on the market. The BFR combines expert craftsmanship with precision engineering, delivering unrivaled accuracy and strength. It is without question the pinnacle of revolver design. Each hand crafted 20th Anniversary BFR is uniquely numbered, with only 20 pistols to ever be produced. Staying true to its roots, this custom gun is based on a .45-70 Government long frame model, the first production caliber. A full Octagon barrel is added with a custom E-Rod Housing and basepin. Plow style white polymer grips are hand fitted for a great look and feel. Exterior surfaces are engraved with elegant scrollwork by the artists at Tyler Gun Works. The 20th Anniversary BFR is truly a unique and timeless work of art. Each pistol ships in a beautiful wood case, and a signed letter of authenticity. Joby Georges, Director of Manufacturing and Engineering for Magnum Research, was proud to say that the “..20th Anniversary BFR honors the craftsmen who make each gun a personal expression of art and skill. It is without a doubt the most beautiful example of the Biggest Finest Revolver yet made.” To order, visit #bfr #guns #gunporn @kahrfirearms ...

Got to put the boom and winch to good use again with an opening day antelope buck. It’s so nice to have this addition on my kitted out Sprinter Van. If you’re looking for the ultimate conversion for your van look no further than the guys over at the The owner James Margo and crew can build anything you can dream up! #advantureco ...