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Petersen's Hunting

January 30, 2021

“Host of AdVANTure Hunter, Jim Kinsey, had some footage recently featured by Petersen’s Hunting on Nosler’s new product roll out for 2021. Clips of the new Model 48 Mountain Carbon rifle were used to help show the consumer this incredible light weight rifle offering. These scenes will air on episode 6 “ Midwest whitetail AdVANTure “ on the Sportsman Channel February 1, 2021 @ 8:30 pm and 11:00 pm EST.

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The Revolution With Jim And Trav

January 14, 2021


Listen to Jim Kinsey’s interview about the new hit series AdVANture Hunter on The Revolution with Jim & Trav.

Or listen to the entire broadcast of The Revolution with Jim & Trav 1-14-2021.

June 12, 2020

The AdVANture Company launches their latest creation “The Hunter”

Check out this Ultimate Hunting, Off Grid, Overland Rig!

>Your Mountain Podcast AdVANture Hunter with Jim Kinsey and Brandon Nelson

May 5, 2020

0094 – AdVANture Hunter with Jim Kinsey and Brandon Nelson

Jim Kinsey and Brandon Nelson are Co-hosts of the upcoming show “AdVANture Hunter”, airing on the Sportsman Channel in Jan. 2021. They joined the guys to talk about criss-crossing the country in search of adventure while living in a kitted out Mercedes Sprinter Van. From spearfishing and elk hunting to dinosaur digs and sustainable living, Jim and Brandon give listeners a sneak peak at what is sure to be a the AdVANture of a lifetime! Check it out!

GU Unfilterted Podcast

April 9, 2020

GU Unfiltered #2 Jim Kinsey

Jim Kinsey is a pioneer in the outdoor industry. He’s a producer, cameraman, and a great hunter! Join Luke and Jim as they talk about Jim’s new series, AdVANture Hunter, coming out soon. Don’t worry, they are still discussing MMA too!

While filming my elk hunt along the Rocky Mountain front this past September, we filmed something in the sky on our long lens that we could not identify. It moved slowly, but was changing shape…still to this day I have no idea what it was! #ufo #aliens #spaceship #sonyalpha #sonycinema ...

@brannelson crushed it on the island of Lanai. Stay tuned this January to see what all went down! @sportsmanchannel ...

This buck broke off over 12” of antler overnight fighting a mystery buck. He still taped in at 152” with his unicorn horn gone and right eye-guard snapped in half. One of the coolest pistol bucks you could ask for. Made a 100 yard heart shot with the .50AE @magnumresearchinc Desert Eagle! #deserteagle #oklahoma #kryptek #bigbuckdown #skyfall #whitetailbuck #onxhunt ...

Season 3 of Advanture Hunter will be one for the books! Coming to the @sportsmanchannel Monday nights 8:30 & 11pm EST. Starting in Q1 ...

Every once in a while you have a season to remember… and this has been one one of those seasons. I was able to take this buck at 100yards with my .50 AE Desert Eagle pistol! Thanks for filming it all go down @jimmiller_155 🚐🦌💪 #cameramanmiller #jimmiller #ufc #deserteagle #magnumresearch #kryptek ...